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My name is Nicole Fisher I'm the owner of "Workout My Credit Solutions LLC" I'm a proud mother and wife , I have 2 sons (twins) and 1 daughter. I grew up in North Philadelphia born and raised. I'm a  Property Manager for a Real Estate Firm and business owner.  I started this business to help people with their credit scores rather it's bad or fair I want to help get your credit in shape to good or excellent which is the target goal. I started this business in May 2020 to help my clients with their credit scores so they can get approved for loans, auto loans, credit cards, or mortgage loans.

" Financial Freedom Is The GOAL"

After you get your credit repaired with my company , I can then help you with getting pre-approved for mortgage loans so you can buy a home. I'm also a property manager so if you would like to rent or buy I can help you with both.

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