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Credit Growth

Copy my never-before shared process for turning your skills or passions into a valuable online course.

Do you have big dreams, and are you ready to go after them?

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Do you already provide professional services? Let me to help you to reach more people.
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Are you feeling chained to a 9-to-5 job that has you stressed out, living paycheck to paycheck?

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Is there a specific talent or unique knowledge inside you that others would gladly pay for?

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Do you want to start an online business but aren’t sure how to get started?

Then I want to empower you to take charge and launch a valuable online course from scratch. My proven step-by-step digital course blueprint will take you from course ideas to course sales fast!


Hey, I'm Nicole

My name is Nicole Fisher I'm the owner of "Workout My Credit Solutions LLC" I'm a proud mother and wife, I have 2 sons (twins) and 1 daughter. I grew up in North Philadelphia born and raised. I'm a  Property Manager for a Real Estate Firm and business owner.  I started this business to help people with their credit scores rather it's bad or fair I want to help get your credit in shape to good or excellent which is the target goal. I started this business in May 2020 to help my clients with their credit scores so they can get approved for loans, auto loans, credit cards, or mortgage loans.

My life changed when I 
launched my online business and course !

I was able to help thousands of everyday people experience financial freedom.

I was able to start donating more to my communities because my income had quadrupled.

I was able to empower everyday people by providing financial coaching and credit hacks. 

On my way to creating a new generation of mompreneurs .

I launched Credit Growth Recipe to empower anyone with the burning desire to change lives and expand their reach in their community.

Especially people who are just like me and don’t have any prior business experience, fancy college degrees, or any idea where to even start.
Credit Growth Recipe will teach you how to take back charge of your life.

You will learn about every single tool, system, and software that you need to fix credit and launch or grow your online course.


If you’re anything like me, you’re not looking to become a millionaire overnight.

You want to impact your community and live comfortably while doing so.


Turn your hobby into an irresistible course because you're tired of hiding your gifts from the world. So many people are telling you that you are amazing at what you do! You're ready to get paid to do what you love to do.

​No longer want to be the "no" mom when your kids need money to hang out with their friends. Or when they need/want a new pair of shoes. Or to earn an allowance doing household chores.

Pay off those dreadful student loans that have been chasing you since you graduated college


What’s inside the Credit Growth Recipe?

So glad you asked…

Module 1

Credit Repair Business 

In this module, you will learn how to Create a Profitable Credit Repair Business. 

Module 2

Traffic and Sales

In this module, you will learn How to Market and promote your business to drive traffic and sales.

Module 3

Additional Streams

In this module, you will learn How to make more money with additional streams with affiliate marketing helping your customers with most of their needs, such as auto loans, credit cards, personal loans, and much more.

Module 4

Automate your business

In this module, you will learn how to automate your business properly with proven strategies that will help your business grow within 60days.


You don’t need prior experience creating online courses or using the tools. Just copy my proven process, implement, and launch! 


Credit Growth Recipe is perfect whether you want to make this your full-time passion or part-time hustle.


The great thing about an online course is that you don’t need to buy any inventory, rent an office, or hire employees to make sales every single day.

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